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Microsoft Teams Training Recap

Want to revisit our Microsoft Teams Training from April 14th?

Watch the video below to review the training and see what you missed.

As a review here is what was covered: 

In this training we will help you become more efficient with Microsoft Teams and help you unlock the capabilities of Teams for your organization.

Whether you are an avid user or brand new to Teams, join us to learn the basics of how to use Teams to chat with your colleagues and collaborate on projects. Through a series of live demonstrations and best practices, you’ll leave this session with everything you need to start using Teams.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Set up your profile and notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • Use chat and calling for 1:1 and group conversations, sharing and collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • Schedule and conduct meetings in Microsoft Teams
  • Align your team and teamwork in Microsoft Teams

If you have more questions on Teams, please feel free to reach out to the TechWorx team at  for assistance.

To access the slides from this webinar and other useful guides, visit

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