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working remotely

For many business owners, managing your staff remotely is a brand new paradigm.

Here are some quick guides to help you and your team be more productive.

Please check back every few days as we will be adding more guides as they become available.

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pdf.pngCybersecurity Checklist for Remote Workers HOT

Cybersecurity Checklist for Remote Workers

A comprehensive list to answer before you begin working remotely from home.

pdf.pngOffice 365 Teams - Tips & Tricks from TechWorx HOT

Working remotely and new to using Microsoft Teams? This quick presentation can help you with communicating better with your team and with clients. 

pdf.pngMicrosoft Teams - Quick Start Guide HOT

Microsoft Teams - Quick Start Guide

pdf.pngMicrosoft Teams Training Slide Deck April 2020 HOT

Microsoft Teams training slide deck from the April 14, 2020 webinar hosted by TechWorx.

pdf.pngTechWorx Support User Guide

Utilize this step-by-step instruction guide for contacting TechWorx for all of your support needs.

pdf.pngSending Encrypted Messages with Outlook

This guide will help you to send encrypted Outlook messages to those outside of your organization. This is particularly important if you are sending emails that contain financial information or other data that is considered confidential.