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Highly Recommend!

In 2016, we hired TechWorx to overhaul our computer system and bring our office technology up to date. In the 4 years since, they have updated all our computers and wireless systems, helped us move toward digital record keeping, consulted with us on a state-of-the-art Security system, updated our Phone and Answering system and countless other projects that have made us more efficient and better at supporting our day to day operations. When COVID hit in mid-March, we were COMPLETELY prepared to shift to remote work. TechWorx makes it so easy to stay current with cybersecurity and their customer service is unparalleled, they have delivered on absolutely everything we have ever asked them to do. Working with them is so easy that, at this point, they feel like an extension of our own work family. Ten stars, highly recommend!

Kerry Lewis, Sepco-Erie Erie, PA

Very Professional

I can tell you that the City’s move to TechWorx as our IT provider was an excellent choice. Unfortunately, our former IT team had not kept pace with technology and was not always forthcoming as to what was needed/being done. The City Manager and I attended a Cyber Security Boot Camp at which Mike Estrich and Stephen Reichard were presenters. We spoke with Mike briefly following the presentation and he contacted us the next day to arrange a time to review our system – what an eye opener that was!

Teena Leary, The City of Warren PA


Finding the right technology partner can be difficult. I am thankful for the relationship we have with the TechWorx team, they have been a critical component of our success. TechWorx has helped us grow in the past and will continue to do so in the future. To us they are not just another vendor but a partner that is always there when we need them.

Matt Margosian, Widget Financial, Erie, PA


Team BSI has been with TechWorx for years now, and we are very satisfied with their support. Their staff is knowledgeable and responsive. Computers have become an integral part of our business, and we can’t function without them. When faced with technical difficulties, the TechWorx team is there to deliver and get us back up and running. TechWorx has been a great resource for new hardware as well and offers complete setup and deployment services.

Sean Hodinko, Building Systems, Incorporated Erie, PA


Since we never had a designated "tech" person in the office, this partnership has truly been the best decision for the foundation.

Mary Therese Craig, The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, Erie, PA

Great Job!

Their biggest point of difference and why we continue to do business with TechWorx is the ongoing support. When we call for support we speak with real people everytime! No leaving a message and waiting around for someone to return our phone call. This makes all the difference for our company.

Chris Fatica, Angelo’s Salon Development Group Inc, Erie, PA

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